The new SCRY™ collection: the meeting of art and technology

La nouvelle collection de SCRY™ : la rencontre de l'art et de la technologie - HYTRAPE

Inspired by the revival of the Brutalist movement , the innovative footwear laboratory SCRY™ has developed an entirely new product line that explores the possibilities of future design and manufacturing. A fusion of art, design, technology, culture and environment , this collection highlights cutting-edge innovation using 3D printing. According to SCRY™, the 2023 “Focus” collection is the result of an effort to “construct the coexistence and collision of barbarism with a sense of permanent primitiveness and radical romantic youth culture in the vision of the future” .

The SCRY™ collection is highly innovative and forward-thinking, pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing. The use of 3D printing is particularly exciting, as it allows for precision and customization that traditional manufacturing methods could not achieve.

In addition to offering innovative clothing, SCRY™ also presented a series of luggage in this new collection. Carry options vary in size and include designs such as the 'Chaos' mesh handbag, the sharp-edged 'Blade' handbag and the 3D-printed 'Thorn' mini bag. SCRY™ shoe styles have also been redesigned with a new exaggerated structure for the “Vault” and “Wraith” models, as well as the optimized feedback of the SCRY™ Core 2.0.

It is intriguing to see the incorporation of Brutalist elements into the collection, as this architectural style has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. By incorporating this aesthetic into their designs, SCRY™ is part of a broader cultural trend while adding a unique touch to their products.

It will be interesting to see how this collection is received by consumers and whether it will inspire other designers to explore similar themes and techniques in their own work.