We are hiring

Web journalist

Main mission

The Web Journalist is responsible for the production and publication of news content, reports and analyzes on our website hytrape.com. He/She can also contribute to the animation of our social networks and the engagement of our audience.


  1. Research and Monitoring

    • Conduct research on current topics and specific themes
    • Carry out competitive intelligence
  2. Writing

    • Write articles, conduct interviews, and write analyzes
    • Proofreading and correction of produced content
  3. Publication and Monitoring

    • Publish articles respecting SEO rules
    • Track article performance (click-through rate, engagement, etc.)
  4. Social Networks

    • Share and promote content on social media
    • Respond to community comments and questions

Required Skills

  • Mastery of the French language (written and oral)
  • Understanding SEO
  • Information search and verification capabilities
  • Have a writing style (this is a plus)

Please contact us at the following address if you are interested: hytrape@gmail.com