The reconciliation between Kanye West and Adidas?

La réconciliation entre Kanye West et Adidas ? - HYTRAPE

According to rumors circulating in the fashion world, Adidas and Kanye West are discussing a possible return to their partnership. The news comes after the German sports brand suffered its biggest financial losses in 30 years, following the end of their collaboration with the American rap star.

Yeezys, the shoes created by Kanye West for Adidas, have enjoyed phenomenal success since their launch in 2015, and accounted for more than half of the German brand's profits. However, after the anti-Semitic comments made by Kanye West, the brand decided to end their partnership.

Since then, Adidas has struggled to recover, with thousands of pairs of unsold Yeezy shoes sitting in warehouses. In an attempt to revive the brand, Adidas recently launched a recovery plan which is expected to cost $214 million in 2023.

However, it seems that the brand has not managed to find the same level of success as with the collaboration with Kanye West. Faced with the global decline in demand for sneakers and fierce competition from Nike and its Jordans, Adidas must find new solutions to get back on track.

This is why there is talk of a possible return of Kanye West to Adidas. According to rumors, the brand would be ready to offer a juicy contract and an increase in royalties to Kanye West so that he collaborates with the brand again.

If this information remains unconfirmed for the moment, it seems that the two parties are in the process of negotiating the terms of this new collaboration. It is also possible that Adidas wants to relaunch the Yeezy shoes under a new brand name, but this has yet to be confirmed.

In any case, if this collaboration comes to fruition, it could allow Adidas to return to success, thanks to Kanye West's talent in terms of design and his impact on popular culture. For his part, Kanye West could also benefit from a lucrative new partnership with a brand he knows well.

For the moment, Kanye West has not yet reacted to these rumors, but fans are eagerly awaiting an official announcement from Adidas or the rap star.