The “Nation Du Ciel” Collection of Unique Pieces for Fall-Winter 2023: A Celestial Odyssey in Primary Colors

La Collection "Nation Du Ciel" de Pièces Uniques pour l'Automne-Hiver 2023 : Un Odyssée Céleste en Couleurs Primaires - HYTRAPE

For the fall-winter 2023 season, the Cadeaux Uniques brand is back in force with its campaign for the “Nation Du Ciel” collection. This new seasonal range doesn't just feature clothing; it tells a story, that of archetypal characters living in an imaginary celestial city. Inspired by the primary colors of painting - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - these characters are a reflection of the CMYK subtractive color model.

A Tribute to Childhood Memories and Cult Works

The “Nation Du Ciel” collection is more than just a range of clothing; it is an ode to the childhood memories of designer Edmond Luu. The latter pays homage to the works that marked him, notably the writings of Jules Vernes, the film “The Castle in the Sky” by Hayao Miyazaki, and the city of Skypiea in the manga “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda. According to Unique Pieces, "Each character represents a key moment in our hero's odyssey. Projected onto this celestial island, he discovers the inhabitants of this new world and composes his crew: a scientist, a zoologist, a mechanic, etc...."

A Narrated Campaign with Innovative Materials

For this campaign, Edmond Luu collaborates again with stylist Edem Dossou to develop a narrative interpretation. The materials used in the collection are as varied as they are sophisticated, ranging from embroidered tulle to macramé, including monogram-embossed leather. Everything aims to express Edmond Luu's dream: that his clothes help those who wear them to overcome daily trials and to feel as strong as the main character of their own story.