Top 5 best-selling watches in April 2024

Top 5 des montres les plus vendu en Avril 2024

Are you looking to know which watches really got people talking last month? I'm going to immerse you in the world of the most highly rated watches in April 2024, according to Chrono24, the global market for used luxury watches. It's a bit like a world tour of watches where each stop shows you a different watchmaking treasure.

1. Rolex Green Dial Datejust

We start with a classic that never disappoints: the Rolex Datejust. But be careful, not just any Datejust. The model with a mint green dial has really exploded in popularity. Why this green? It's a bit reminiscent of banknotes, a rather chic nod from Rolex. This model was seen on Mark Wahlberg's wrist during his vacation, no less! Requests for this Rolex have more than doubled since the start of 2023.

2. Seiko Marinemaster Prospex

Let's move on to Japan with the Seiko Marinemaster from the Prospex family. This model perfectly illustrates Japanese know-how with an 8L35 movement, based on the now discontinued 9S55 movement from Grand Seiko. This technical gem appeals to those seeking the precision of Grand Seiko at a more affordable price. And believe me, interest in this model has never been higher.

3. Tissot Green Dial Prx

Another green dial, but this time with Tissot. This model is perfect for those who love the look of the famous Rolex "Hulk" Submariner but don't want to spend a fortune. With its F06.115 quartz movement and stainless steel bracelet, this model proves that green is definitely in fashion, and at a very affordable price.

4. Oris Aquis

The Oris Aquis Date is another example of a sporty watch that can easily pass as a dress watch, thanks to its metallic blue dial and tungsten bezel. It's the kind of watch that catches the eye without shouting from the rooftops that you spent a fortune.

5. Tudor Gold Dial Prince

Finally, a little gem for vintage watch lovers: the Tudor Prince Date with gold dial. Tudor stopped production of this model in 2019, making every watch available even more desirable. With its Rolex quality dial and fluted 18k gold bezel, it is a watch that will not go unnoticed.

Every month, Chrono24 analyzes thousands of searches and offers to give us an overview of the most in-demand watches. Whether you're a serious collector or simply a lover of fine watches, keeping an eye on these trends can give you a head start on your next acquisition.