Yvnnis: On the road to success with his “NOVAE” project


Yvnnis , a booming artist, is increasingly making a name for himself on the French rap scene. Originally from Val-de-Marne, this talented rapper recently launched his new EP, “Novae”. To mark the occasion, YVNNIS also released the music video for “Washington”, the second track from the Novae project.

YVNNIS was recently cited by Booska P in the list of 11 rappers to follow in 2023, thus confirming his status as a promising artist in the world of rap. YVNNIS RAPPEUR has already distinguished himself with the release of his first title, “Héros”, which aroused great enthusiasm among the public.

An overview of Yvnnis' albums and projects

YVNNIS ALBUM “Novae” is a project composed of ten tracks, with a notable featuring from Aamo. Over catchy beats, YVNNIS delivers memorable punchlines. The music video for “Washington” impresses with its innovative staging, where we see the rapper assembling a gun using a 3D printer.

We look forward to future concerts and other events where the artist will continue to show the extent of his talent. The journey and rise to power of Yvnnis

In addition to Novae, YVNNIS also released "Eternel Youth", an EP which served as a calling card between the artist and rap lovers. With titles like “Italian Wine” and “Kali Uchis”, this other album highlights the qualities and high potential of the young man.

So it’s time to jump on the YVNNIS bandwagon.

A versatile style and a meteoric rise

YVNNIS demonstrates remarkable versatility, excelling both on egotrip kick sounds and on more melodious pieces. His lyrical talent and his stage presence already announce future concerts as events not to be missed.

While we impatiently await the next YVNNIS ALBUM, the rapper from 94 continues to establish himself as one of the revelations of the start of 2023.