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full sound-design sounds with a lot of techniques to improve your compositions;
this was created in collaboration with @clebardss who realizes the visual and helps me a lot with all the bonus weirdsounds.

this kit contains:

x37 808's, x6 goto 808's and x 20 basses
x50 claps, rim & snares
x30 melodic elements (earcandies, phrases, chords, textures..)
x15 oneshots
x29 fx's (fills, sfx, fx..)
x19 hi hats, x12 open hats and 8 rolls
x16 kicks
x33 percs, x8 percloops
x20 weird/abstractsounds

+ an extra files with: x33 midi files (chords, percs, hats), x97 bonus weirdsounds, x4 loops & x7 random sonority

the objective of eternalsounds (vol. 1, 2 & 3) is to create a lot of new sonority that you can use in your compositions.

it's a mix between my inspirations and my universe to create unique sounds: the sounds library that I always wanted to have.

with a lot of luv, PARASIT. <3

artwork by @clebardss