Adeolu Osibodu: The art of surreal photography

Adeolu Osibodu : L'art de la photographie surréaliste - HYTRAPE

Adeolu Osibodu, a Nigerian photographer, uses his art to navigate reality and invite the viewer to join him on a journey through space and time. His work, which mixes dream and reality, is the fruit of a passion born from a skateboarding accident in 2016 which almost cost him his life. This tragic event was a turning point in his life, giving him a new direction and a deep gratitude for time, life and the opportunity to experience his craft.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Osibodu grew up in a very religious environment, with both his parents being pastors. This spiritual education shaped his photographic style. After his accident, while immobilized in his room, he began using photography as a tool for self-expression, capturing his emotions and deep thoughts.

Osibodu has developed a talent for creating surreal and cinematic photographs that play imaginatively with light and post-production techniques. The resulting images have a sublime, dreamlike quality. He was drawn to surrealism and a form of reality distortion, exploring the meaning of time through his work.

His work is also heavily influenced by his African cultural identity. Most of the people who appear in front of his lens are African. He appreciates the feedback he receives on the representation of black people in a contemporary and futuristic form.

Osibodu also has a fascination with hands, which for him symbolize transmission, a person's life and prayer. He plays a lot with the speed of his camera, movement being an important element of his work.

His work has been recognized internationally, with a recent exhibition in Berlin and selection as a fellow at the PhotoVogue Festival 2022. Despite his success, Osibodu remains humble and determined to continue creating. Her advice for emerging artists is simple: "Everything can happen at once, so you just have to start where you are with what you have. Start with yourself."

Adeolu Osibodu 's work is a profound exploration of reality, time and space, blending surrealism and dreams to create images that invite the viewer to join him on his journey. His personal history and African cultural identity are key elements of his work, making him a unique artist in the field of photography.