Amusvision: the designer who managed to stand out in the world of digital art

Amusvision : le designer qui a réussi à se démarquer dans le monde de l'art numérique - HYTRAPE

Amu , a 22-year-old designer based in San Francisco, has recently garnered a lot of attention online thanks to his raw and haunting take on the human experience in a time of pandemics and repetitive isolation. But how did he manage to make a name for himself in the digital art industry?

A year and a half ago, supported by his big brother who believed in his potential, Amu decided to launch into the business of artistic NFTs. He began by recording a work, but success was not immediate. However, this experience did not discourage him and he decided to continue focusing on what he did best: creating.

Over time, he honed his talents and refined his style, drawing inspiration from his personal history, his environment and his natural curiosity. He gradually stood out and created a buzz around him. The prices of his original works have increased at auction on the renowned platform Foundation, where his work Seeking False Hope sold for $11,545. He also made his debut on SuperRare, another digital art gallery, and a few days ago, his visual and graphic universe was presented on the giant screens of Times Square.

Amu is now considered one of the most promising designers of his generation and his career is on the rise. He proves that it is possible to succeed in the digital art industry by following your passion and staying focused on your creativity.

Here are some of the artist's creations: