Andrés Reisinger: Urban surrealist installations

Andrés Reisinger : Les installations surréalistes urbaines - HYTRAPE

Designer Andrés Reisinger presented his latest digital installation "Take Over", in which he dressed several buildings in Tokyo, London, New York, Paris and Rome with pink facades.

This project is the result of his travels around the world, where he used textured fabrics to transform often overlooked buildings into shimmering structures. Reisinger explained that this project was a way to showcase the intrigue one can feel when one person stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Each building was inspired by the distinctive characteristics of its respective city, such as the minimalism of Paris, the performance of New York and the textures of London. Reisinger is known for his use of soft pink tones and for his ability to question reality through his artistic creations.

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