Astro Universe X: The infinity of imagination through its art

Astro Universe X : L'infinité de l'imagination à travers son art - HYTRAPE

It all starts in Kolouch, a district of Oujda in Morocco. Astro Universe Now a 3D artist, the deep political and religious discussions with the elders of his city constituted a source of oriental visual inspiration which interweaves with those of emblematic artists and directors. Andreï Tarkovsky, Luis Buñuel, Sandro Botticelli, Hassan Hajjaj, Salvador Dalí - so many artists who help shape his work, creating an artistic universe that transcends borders and integrates a multitude of creative expressions.

His creative process

An idea and a piece of paper are all it takes for Astro Universe X to bring its creativity to life. He perfects the concept, visualizes the result and realizes his ideas in 3D. This initial stage then marks the beginning of his artistic journey, where distinction and the constant search for novelty are at the heart of his work. This is evidenced by his move to NFTs, which, now integrated into his work, demonstrates his desire to stand out, particularly in the field of marketing.

Sun of Insight

But if we had to mention a project that had a profound impact on him, it would be Sun of Insight . This video, on which he invested four months of work, emerged from a group of ideas arising from intensive research into the present and predictions for the future of the world, thus offering an ultra-personal perspective.

Driven by the desire to inspire and impact its peers, Astro Universe X shares a clear message: art must be an influential force, generating singular ideas. A deep aspiration, leaving a motivating imprint and inspiring one to explore beyond established conventions.

You can find the work of Astro Universe X:

On Instagram: astrouniverse_x

On Behance: Astro Universe

Written by Camille Noel Djaleb ( cosycam )