Brandon Guerin: The Alchemist of Graphics in Music

Brandon Guerin : L'Alchimiste du graphisme dans la musique - HYTRAPE

Brandon Guerin, a name that resonates in the world of music and graphic design, embodies the very essence of creativity and artistic passion. His rich and inspiring journey bears witness to how determination and talent can open the doors to success and recognition.

Brandon began his artistic journey by studying applied arts, followed by a specialization in graphic design. This training laid a solid foundation for his professional career. “I have been a creative freelancer for several years now in the music industry,” he says. This passion for creating naturally intertwined with his love for music, leading him to experiment and create for his own pleasure.

He started by sharing his fictional cover creations on Instagram, without great expectations, but with boundless dedication and curiosity. “I worked hard every day creating visuals, testing, experimenting with new things…” he confides. Instagram quickly became a springboard, attracting the attention of a label art director who was impressed by her work. This recognition was a decisive turning point, opening the doors to prestigious collaborations with renowned artists and labels.

The collaborations continued, ranging from the creation of single covers to logo and poster projects. Although this work had constraints, it allowed Brandon to make a name for himself in the industry.

“It wasn’t the most creative job in the world due to the many constraints. But it allowed me to get a foothold in the industry”

The year 2021 marks a major turning point in his career with the Khali project. Invited to work on the visual identity of this artist, in collaboration with PLM (Palmer), Brandon had an exceptional human and professional experience.

“It’s really the project where I felt the most listened to and the most creatively free”

Brandon now favors collaborations with independent or emerging artists, finding greater satisfaction and creative freedom there.

“Working with independent or emerging artists brings me more satisfaction in my work and a lot more freedom,” he says. This approach allowed him to develop relationships based on listening, respect and mutual trust.

Today, Brandon Guerin collaborates with a multitude of artists, such as Khali, Zoomy, Realo, Malo, and many others, in various fields such as graphic design and video. These diverse experiences helped refine his style and forge a unique and recognizable artistic identity.

“Today I have the impression, thanks to all this and the people who trusted me, of having found my style and my identity,” he concludes.

Brandon Guerin's journey is a shining example of how passion, commitment and creativity can lead to unexpected opportunities and deserved recognition. Through his approach and his talent, he has established himself as an essential figure in the world of artistic creation linked to music.