CHARI: Portrait of an artist at the confluence of music and art

CHARI : Portrait d'un artiste au confluent de la musique et de l'art - HYTRAPE

Born in Tours and aged 22, CHARI brilliantly embodies the role of the complete artist, navigating with ease between the worlds of painting, drawing, graphics and music. His story is that of a devouring passion for creation in all its forms, a ceaseless quest for expression which has led him to embrace a wide range of mediums and techniques. “Since I was little, I have drawn or painted for pleasure. I have always sought to create, discover new media, learn new techniques…” says CHARI. His academic career in photography is only the beginning of a journey that has led him to shape a distinctive and captivating visual universe.

Meeting Shap, a student who later became one of his best friends, is a real turning point in his life. Shap, member of a rap group, introduces CHARI to a new sphere of creativity: "In 2020, I met a guy at college who subsequently became one of my best friends, Shap. He quickly told me about his rap group and it was the start of a great adventure for me." This fusion of passions for visual art and music gave birth to a fruitful collaboration, with CHARI involved in the artistic direction of music videos, album covers and visuals of all kinds for the Karap crew.

The acquisition of an iPad marks a new stage in his artistic approach, opening the doors to digital painting. CHARI is thriving in this new creative space, producing thoughtful and polished visuals for the band and other projects. “Subsequently, I bought myself an iPad, I discovered the world of digital painting, and there, I started making visuals for them, much more thoughtful and clean.”

His talent does not go unnoticed for long. An opportunity presents itself when Shap tells him about a competition for an album cover organized by Bushi. CHARI seizes this chance without hesitation and submits a proposal which, against all expectations, is chosen after a public vote and a turnaround. “After the public vote, and a twist, Bushi and his team finally selected my cover, I was so happy.”

This initial success opens the door to many other collaborations. A few months later, a label contacted him to work on an album cover for Madzo, marking the start of a series of projects with various artists.

CHARI continues to meet, work and discuss with many artists, weaving a dense network of collaborations and creative connections. “And since all that, well, I’ve met, worked and talked with lots of other artists and lots of connections have been created.”

For CHARI, the path traveled is not only the realization of a professional ambition, but the fulfillment of a life dream: "It's really a pleasure for me because it's what I've always ultimately wanted to do, work out of passion, without pressure." His story is an inspiration to those who aspire to make a living from their art, demonstrating that passion, combined with perseverance, can turn dreams into reality.

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