Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham: Architect of the Futuristic Past

Daniel Arsham : Architecte du Passé Futuriste - HYTRAPE

Today's renowned artist Daniel Arsham has distinguished himself with his eclectic collaborations and captivating works, ranging from Pokémon to Porsche to Hidden NY. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Arsham shares a special connection to that city, despite growing up in Miami. From a young age, he was interested in photography, a passion inherited from his grandfather. His training began at Design and Architecture High School, before continuing at Cooper Union where he devoted himself to painting.

From the age of 25, Arsham collaborated with Merce Cunningham, designing sets for his dance company, marking a turning point in his career. In 2005, he created a work for a wardrobe for Dior, under the direction of Hedi Slimane, thus opening the doors to the world of fashion. In 2008, he co-founded Snarkitecture, an agency dedicated to the imaginative reinterpretation of everyday materials and structures. This company now has 12 members and has collaborated with brands such as Beams, Kith, Stampd, and Kaws.

Arsham excels in art, fashion, music and cinema, thanks to his hard work and ability to connect with the right people. His art, mainly monochromatic, reflects his color blindness, making it difficult to differentiate tones. Texture and the use of crystals are central to his work, adding to his vision of fictional archaeology. Arsham transforms familiar objects, such as telephones or pop culture figures, into artifacts of the future, thereby erasing the present.

His unique style is the result of impactful experiences, including childhood Hurricane Andrew and a trip to Easter Island in 2010, which influenced his fascination with playing with time and history. Although some criticize the lack of depth in his work, Arsham appreciates the freedom of interpretation offered by his works.

Daniel Arsham's collaborations are vast, including partnerships in fashion, music and beyond. His collaboration with Kim Jones at Dior is particularly notable, as well as his projects with Uniqlo and Pokémon for more accessible clothing. In music, he has worked with Gunna, Usher and The Weeknd, the latter of which resulted in the creation of a vinyl and a range of merchandising. With Pharrell, Arsham recreated an old Casio MT500 and made a life-size cast of the artist.

Among its most popular collaborations is that with Pokémon, born from a Pikachu sculpture that captured the company's attention. Arsham also explores his passion for Porsches through several projects with the brand, highlighting his interest in the shape of cars.

Regarding his recent achievements, Arsham continues to impress with his third Pokémon installation, "A Ripple in Time", on display in Tokyo. He was also named creative director of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a first for an NBA team. His collaboration with Hidden NY and Lil Yachty, as well as the release of his sketchbook, are a testament to his diverse interests and continued influence in the art world and beyond.