“EXOD”: When visual art meets the emotion of rap

"EXOD" : Quand l'art visuel rencontre l'émotion du rap - HYTRAPE

Art has always had the power to capture the essence of human emotions, and rap, with its raw poetry and powerful storytelling, is no different. It is in this spirit that Mathieubdt and Fumsecc, two visual artists renowned in the world of rap, present their exhibition entitled "EXOD".

Mathieubdt, whose talent is already recognized through notable works such as the covers of “Fade Up”, “Olympia” by Khali, and “Heat” by ThaHomey, joins forces with Fumsecc, revealed by La Room. Fumsecc, among others, collaborated with Mathieu for the cover of Slimka and Mairo, and also designed visuals for Narcisse as well as for many other rap artists, whether mainstream or underground.

These two artists, long-time accomplices, decided to come out of the shadows and highlight their creations. They have chosen to share their passion and talent with the public in an exhibition that promises to be as vibrant and emotional as the rap lyrics they illustrate.

The “EXOD” exhibition will be held on September 8, 9 and 10. This is an open invitation to everyone, whether you are an avid art lover, a rap enthusiast or simply curious to discover the work of these two talented artists.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a universe where visual art and music meet, confront and harmonize to tell stories that resonate in each of us.