Gabriel Sénéchal: Portrait of a young Parisian photographer with emerging talent

Gabriel Sénéchal : Portrait d'un jeune photographe parisien au talent émergent - HYTRAPE

Gabriel Sénéchal, a young 20-year-old photographer, embodies passion and artistic diversity in the heart of Paris, the city that saw him grow up and never left. Currently studying at Speos, a renowned photography school, Gabriel specializes in studio fashion photography, while exploring other horizons such as street, travel and event photography.

The influence of his father, a passionate amateur photographer, was decisive in Gabriel's career. It was he who taught him the basics of photography and gave him his first camera. This family transmission was the starting point of a personal adventure in the world of photography.

In high school, Gabriel quickly became involved in an activist environment, which led him to attend demonstrations, always with his camera in hand. These experiences strengthened his attachment to capturing moments of life and struggle, enriching his artistic and human perspective.

Confinement was a key moment for Gabriel. Deprived of the opportunity to take photos, he felt a deep lack. It was during this period that he immersed himself in advice videos and photo spots on YouTube. This forced immersion was a revelation for him, making him aware of the crucial importance of photography in his life.

Since then, Gabriel has continued to improve, test new approaches and meet people who have helped shape his artistic identity. His journey is marked by constant evolution and a thirst for learning and discovery.

Today, Gabriel Sénéchal stands out for his versatile approach to photography. Whether in the busy streets of Paris, in the excitement of a demonstration, or in the intimacy of a fashion studio, he manages to capture the essence of each moment with authenticity and sensitivity. His talent and determination bode well for a promising future in the world of photography.