Giseok Cho: The Photographer Who Redefines Beauty

Giseok Cho : Le Photographe Qui Redéfinit la Beauté - HYTRAPE
Giseok Cho , originally from South Korea, is a photographer who has captured the essence of his generation while redefining the standards of beauty. Born in 1992, he always knew he wanted to pursue a creative career. His professional journey began in the world of Korean fashion, where he worked as a graphic designer, artistic director and set designer. However, his desire to create his own images pushed him towards photography.

Cho belongs to a generation deeply influenced by the internet. Technology and its evolution have become a fundamental source of inspiration for him. Through his work, he seeks to broaden the concept of beauty by mixing historical and contemporary references. Its goal is to highlight Korean culture in a dynamic and experimental way.

In Cho's carefully constructed images, colors, lighting and props form an exciting composition that transforms the models into complex characters. Although each photograph is distinct, one can notice certain recurring motifs in Cho's imaginative creativity, notably flowers, particularly orchids.

His work with Korean fashion brands as a graphic designer and art director in Seoul was the springboard for his career. Inspired by his personal life in the Internet age and his curiosity for ancient objects, he began photographing the faces of his contemporaries, making photography his preferred medium. Her portraits, often decorated with flowers, reflect her passion for the fashion industry and her unique vision of her generation.

Cho's work has been recognized internationally. He has notably collaborated with prestigious publications such as CR Fashion, KINFOLK, Vogue Korea, Wallpaper China and Dazed Korea. He has also worked with renowned brands like Prada and Converse Korea. His work has been exhibited at the Fotografiska Museum in Sweden and is scheduled to be shown in New York next year.

In 2016, he launched KUSIKOHC, a streetwear brand that offers clothing and accessories. After four collections, the brand is preparing for a new start with the presentation of its next collection.

In short, Giseok Cho is an artist who, through his lens, captures not only the beauty but also the soul of his generation. His work is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting the richness and diversity of Korean culture.