The 5 keys to unleashing your creative genius

Les 5 clés pour libérer votre génie créatif - HYTRAPE

Imagine if I told you that by following these five simple steps, you can create and design anything you want. Whether it's clothing, design objects, music videos, furniture, or even creating a business or great architecture. It sounds crazy, but it's true. Many people don't know this, but it is a secret hidden in the mysterious scriptures of the Bible and Torah for hundreds of years. It’s powerful because it works. But be careful how you use it. Without further ado, let’s dive into step one.

Vision : Vision is a dream that you can still see when you are awake. The dictionary definition of vision is “the power to anticipate what will or may never be.” The craziest feeling for me is creating something literally from nothing. This process that starts from nothing, just an idea, to something tangible, something you can touch, feel and immerse yourself in. As creators, it is our duty to ensure our visions come to life. Our visions come from above, as Rick Rubin says, "we are vehicles for information that, when it's ready to emerge, does so, and people with good antennae pick up the signal." The most powerful force on earth is the power of vision. Without a clear vision, it is impossible for an idea to come to life.

Communication : Many people, in fact most, are afraid to express their original ideas. But if we don't do this, an idea is destined to die as quickly as it was born. Communication is the key to bringing all your great ideas to life. Successfully communicating your vision should be like a continuous symphony of ideas that paints your vision in the minds of others. Creativity flourishes when people can freely share their ideas and perspectives. Collaboration is impossible without communication. Through sufficient communication, your vision will ultimately reach a state of unification.

Unification : Unification is the process of bringing together and combining tools and/or people. All of these steps are interconnected, so you need to go back to step one and keep a clear view of your vision. When you collaborate with people who have specialized knowledge or expertise in a particular area, you can tap into their ideas and knowledge that you may not have.

Implementation : Implementation is the action of doing things. This is the stage where all your concepts, plans and strategies are put into action. You transform ideas and plans into tangible products, services or results. One of the most common mistakes I see from almost all creatives is that they try to skip all the steps and go from vision to implementation.

Creation : Creation is the point where the idea actually comes to life. If you have followed all of the previous four steps, then the fifth step happens by itself. Creation is the stage where your idea transmutes from the invisible, from the spiritual realm of your imagination, to the physical.

I encourage you to try these steps for yourself. Although they may seem simple, they could change your life like they changed mine. If you know a creative who could benefit from this wisdom, share it with them. This will help us immensely in our mission to encourage creators. And if you're that creative visionary, be sure to click the link in the description to download this five-step framework and sign up for our newsletter. We have much more valuable knowledge to come. Don't forget to dream.