“Light & Time”: Daniel Arsham and Hublot create a snow and ice sundial at the Matterhorn

"Light & Time" : Daniel Arsham et Hublot créent un cadran solaire en neige et en glace au Matterhorn - HYTRAPE

American artist Daniel Arsham has once again impressed with his latest artistic project in collaboration with the famous Swiss watch brand Hublot. Together they created a snow and ice sundial installation at the foot of the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in the Swiss Alps.

Entitled “Light & Time”, the work of art is a perfect example of the fusion between contemporary art and fine watchmaking. The sundial itself is a 20 meter wide snow sculpture, featuring a set of six arches all around its edges, and a pure white obelisk in the center. Inside the arches, blocks of ice sculpted by Arsham himself add a little more charm to the installation.

This one-of-a-kind work of art represents a unique convergence of timekeeping and earth art. It was designed to provoke thought about how nature itself can be used to create incredible and unique works of art. The facility is in the heart of the famous ski resort of Zermatt, Switzerland, and is accessible to visitors all day.

The association of Daniel Arsham and Hublot has already given rise to numerous other innovative projects, which promise to revolutionize contemporary art in the years to come. Fans of the artist's work can expect to see many more exciting projects in development, as the collaboration continues.

All in all, this snow and ice sundial installation is an incredible artistic experience that shows how the beauty of nature can be transformed into inspiring art. Thanks to the ingenuity of Daniel Arsham and Hublot, visitors to Zermatt can now enjoy a unique and ephemeral art installation that is sure to remain etched in their memory.