Mathieu Mathourais: The Art of Creative Versatility

Mathieu Mathourais : L'Art de la polyvalence créative - HYTRAPE

Mathieu Mathourais is a freelance artistic director based in Paris, known for his versatile approach to design and creation. Offering a wide range of services, from art direction, graphic design, CGI, photography, editing, textile design and object design.

Over the last five years, Mathieu has shaped his career with determination and curiosity. His experience within various Parisian agencies and his co-creation of a creative studio demonstrate his commitment to creativity and innovation. Today, Mathieu finds himself at the crossroads between prestigious collaborations with renowned brands and agencies, and the co-foundation of @96etdemi, a promising creative and recreational space, symbol of his desire to experiment and pushing the limits of creation.

Influenced by a family heritage rooted in manual work, Mathieu grew up in an environment where the manufacture of furniture and objects was preferred to their simple acquisition. This approach has deeply influenced his artistic vision, encouraging him to explore beyond traditional mediums and adopt the form of expression most suited to each project.

Mathieu favors a global approach in his projects. It seeks to create an immersive experience by navigating through various media. This ability to merge different artistic fields within the same project allows him to offer unique creations.

Mathieu's inspiration is rooted in his love for the natural environment. The textures he discovers during his hikes, the shapes and colors that nature offers are all elements that nourish his imagination. Bio design, in particular, represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him, allowing him to explore creative concepts where nature and art meet.

Mathieu Mathourais looks to the future with the ambition of continuing to explore new creative horizons. His commitment to learning and experimentation remains the driving force behind his artistic evolution. With projects like @96etdemi, he engages in a co-creation approach, where the exchange and sharing of ideas opens the way to still unimagined achievements.