Noast: Portrait of a Toulouse graphic designer at the heart of Science Fiction

Noast : Portrait d'un graphiste toulousain au cœur de la Science-Fiction - HYTRAPE

At only 25 years old, Noast, a graphic designer living in Toulouse, stands out for his exceptional talent in creating visuals and illustrating worlds. His works, which range from book covers to posters and covers, demonstrate a deep passion for visual art and storytelling.

Beginnings Inspired by Music

Noast began his artistic journey with drawing, finding his primary inspiration in music. He first captured the essence of his favorite rappers through his pencils, sharing his creations on social media. This initial step laid the foundation for his artistic style and online presence.

The adoption of Photoshop marked a turning point in Noast's career. This new tool opened up an immense creative field for him, allowing him to go beyond the limits of traditional drawing. He began by creating fictional covers, exploring the infinite possibilities offered by digital manipulation.

2998: A Creative Arc in a Futuristic Universe

Noast then embarked on an ambitious project called “2998”. More than a series of visuals, this project represents a complete story, told through creations that explore places, characters and technologies in a futuristic and dystopian universe. A big fan of science fiction, Noast draws inspiration from classics such as Blade Runner, Ghost in The Shell and Akira to build his world.

In his creative process, Noast draws inspiration from many artists and creatives. He admires the works of Sam Spratt, Huleeb, Marcel Deneuve, Kidmograph, Vittorio Bonapace, as well as the work of @mathieubdt on Instagram. He is also a big fan of Sarra Nekhili and holds graphic designer Salucv, whom he considers the GOAT of his generation, in high regard, as well as his colleague Tenzin.

Creative Techniques and Processes

Noast works primarily in Photoshop, where he excels in the art of photomanipulation. He compares this technique to collage or sampling in music, combining various elements from various sources to create something new and unique. This approach allows him to merge reality and imagination, bringing to life worlds that only exist in his most daring dreams.