Per Carlsen: the visionary architect who shapes a surreal and post-human universe

Per Carlsen : l'architecte visionnaire qui façonne un univers surréaliste et post-humain - HYTRAPE

Per Carlsen is an artist and architect from Oslo distinguished by his ability to create surreal worlds that transcend reality. Combining his skills in art, illustration and architecture, Carlsen designs illusory scenes representing a vast panorama of the post-human world.

Passion for painting and architecture

Passionate about painting, Per Carlsen studies architecture while devoting his free time to exploring the space where architecture and art merge. As he explains, this passion is an integral part of his career in architecture and allows him to push the limits of his imagination.

A paradoxical and enigmatic universe

The world Carlsen creates is both fascinating and confusing. Imposing monuments set in magnificent natural environments offer countless possibilities for human progress, but a heavy atmosphere seems to hang over these works.

Post-civilization scenes evoking the end of the world

His works often feature a solitary figure contrasting with immense architectural structures, creating post-civilization settings reminiscent of the end of the world. Through these depictions, Carlsen raises questions about our growing dependence on technology and the worsening climate crisis.

Exploring the enigmas of our world

Exploring these enigmas is precisely the aim of Per Carlsen's art, which invites us to reflect on our relationship to the world and our future as a species. The work of this artist-architect, at the crossroads between reality and imagination, pushes us to question our place and our responsibility in the face of current issues.

The influence of the great masters and artistic movements on the work of Per Carlsen

The imprint of surrealism

Per Carlsen's art bears the imprint of surrealism, an artistic movement that seeks to express the functioning of thought outside of all logic and perceptual reality. In his works, Carlsen draws inspiration from great masters of surrealism like Salvador Dalí and René Magritte to create dreamlike landscapes where the laws of nature are defied.

Brutalist architecture and post-humanism

Brutalist architecture, characterized by the heavy use of concrete and clean geometric shapes, is also a major influence in Carlsen's work. His architectural creations are often dominated by massive and imposing structures, which evoke both the power of man and his vulnerability in the face of nature.

Additionally, post-humanism, a school of thought that explores the potential consequences of technological and biological evolution on humanity, is also a recurring theme in Carlsen's work. His post-human scenes question our relationship to technology, nature and our own humanity.

The impact of Per Carlsen's work on the world of art and architecture

A reflection on our relationship with the environment

Per Carlsen's works offer a profound reflection on our relationship with the environment. By depicting natural landscapes and gigantic architectural structures, the artist questions man's place in nature and his responsibility in the face of environmental issues. His works remind us that our current way of life and our dependence on technology have consequences on our planet and our future.

A dialogue between art and architecture

Per Carlsen succeeds in creating a unique dialogue between art and architecture, merging the two disciplines in his surrealist works. His work demonstrates that art and architecture are not only complementary, but can also enrich each other and open up new creative perspectives.

Innovation in artistic techniques

Per Carlsen's art also demonstrates great innovation in terms of artistic techniques. By combining painting, drawing and 3D modeling, the artist manages to bring to life striking and captivating worlds. This multidisciplinary approach allows Carlsen to push the limits of artistic expression and to offer works that leave an impression.

Per Carlsen is a visionary artist-architect who invites us to reflect on our relationship to the world and our future as a species. His work, both captivating and destabilizing, stands out as an essential reflection in the world of contemporary art and architecture. By exploring themes such as surrealism, brutalism and post-humanism, Carlsen manages to create works that question our place and our responsibility in the face of current issues. His art, which fuses disciplines and pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, is a source of inspiration for artists and architects around the world.

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