Romain Braccini: 3D artist at the heart of innovation

Romain Braccini : Artiste 3D au cœur de l'innovation - HYTRAPE

Romain Braccini, originally from Dijon, began his journey into the world of 3D by first immersing himself in visual arts classes. This first step marked the beginning of his exploration in visual art. It was the discovery of Cinema 4D that truly awakened his passion for digital creation. This revelation opened a new path in his journey!

Romain chose to settle in Paris, a strategic choice to specialize in animation and 3D illustration. He quickly adopted the pseudonym Blansable, he began to collaborate with various studios in France and internationally.

These experiences have enriched his know-how, but also allowed him to build a solid professional network!

After several years of collaboration with these studios, Romain made the decision to go freelance. This transition, which he made two years ago, marks a decisive turning point in his career. As an independent artist, he has had the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects, ranging from professional commissions to personal creations.

These projects allowed him to refine his artistic direction, characterized by a unique style that flirts with the boundaries of 2D and 3D, and a universe imbued with vibrant colors.

His collaboration with Adrobski, a musician and long-time friend, gave birth to a body of work where the visual and the aural complement each other harmoniously. Adrobski's distinctive sound design brings an extra dimension to the 3D works, creating an immersive experience for the viewer. They innovated in the field of vjing, integrating visual elements into concerts.

This collaboration expanded to include other artists and creators, forming a collective under the name "99". This group represents a fusion of talents and artistic visions, allowing Romain to engage in even more ambitious and diverse projects.

The “99” collective symbolizes not only a space for creative collaboration, but also a platform for experimenting and pushing the boundaries of digital art.

His Instagram: @blansable