Seny Meftah: A multifaceted artist

Seny Meftah : Un Artiste aux multiples facettes - HYTRAPE

Seny Meftah, a young 19-year-old artist, has quickly established himself in the world of contemporary art thanks to his artistic vision. Originally from Vitry-sur-Seine and coming from two different cultures, he was able to create a style of his own, skillfully mixing different techniques and mediums to express his vision of the world.

“I like mixing aerosol and oil, because they are two mediums from two quite different worlds,” he explains.

This combination creates a fascinating contrast between the world of graffiti, often associated with the spray can, and the tradition of oil painting, used by the great masters of the art.

Seny's choice of subjects is deeply rooted in his observation of the world. He explores specific themes that are close to his heart, as evidenced by his first exhibition in 2022 at Iconoclastes Gallery, Paris, entitled “All Kids Are Heroes”. This exhibition paid tribute to children around the world, a subject that particularly resonated with him, then 17 years old. Its collaboration with the association “Les Amis des Enfants du Monde” illustrates its commitment to social causes.

In his artistic approach, Seny favors spontaneity.

"I work mostly in total spontaneity. I don't make preliminary sketches, and I don't have specific colors in mind before I start," he says.

This approach allows him to paint according to his inspiration, without constraints or limitations.

Influences and Inspirations

Seny draws inspiration from various fields, including fashion, design, music, and of course, art. Artists like Kaws, Daniel Arsham, Banksy, Prince Gyasi, and the late Virgil Abloh have had notable influences on his work. Music, especially rap, also plays an important role in his creative process, not directly in his works, but as a source of motivation and inspiration.

Travel is a key element in Seny's life.

He considers his travels not only as an opportunity to discover new horizons, but also as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His meetings, particularly in Atlanta and Miami, enriched his experience and his artistic vision.

Unique Techniques and Supports

Seny began his artistic journey in street art, which led him to experiment with various media. He developed a predilection for oxidized metal, using acids and heat to create unique effects. “I now think that oxidized metal is an integral part of my work,” he says.

For Seny, art can exist as much to convey a message as for its simple aesthetic beauty.

“I think art can take many forms and have different motivations,” he explains.

It recognizes the diversity of art and the importance of appreciating beauty and form.

The artist's vision

Seny sees the artist as a vector of individual expression and freedom of expression. He believes that every artist has a unique role to play in society, influencing, inspiring and challenging established norms.

Seny is an artist who, despite his young age, already has a significant impact in the art world. His ability to merge different techniques, his spontaneous approach and his commitment to social causes make him a figure in contemporary art.

Instagram: @seny_mfth