SERIFA: Redefining Aesthetics in the Age of AI

SERIFA: Redéfinir l'Esthétique à l'Ère de l'IA
Founded by Nastassja Abel and Christian Otto, SERIFA stands at the interface of art and design, guided by a singular DNA: “Defining New Aesthetics”. This mission leads them to explore new forms of visual expression, exploiting the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to shape the future of creation.

Everyday Art: An Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

SERIFA's commitment to everyday creation originated during a visit to Galerie Perrotin in New York, where a pin reading "ART EVERY DAY" captured their imagination. Inspired by this discovery and by Beeple's "EVERYDAYS", Abel and Otto embarked on a daily creative adventure. Their “ART EVERY DAY” series now includes more than 500 works, enriched every day with new creations on their Instagram account (@serifa). This commitment to daily production is key to the studio's continued creative development.

A Fusion of Influences

SERIFA's work draws from an eclectic pool of inspirations, ranging from fashion to magazines, Japanese culture, hip-hop, design, typography and architecture. This diversity of sources fuels their incessant quest for new forms of artistic expression.

Philosophy: Between Design and Artistic Freedom

Although deeply rooted in design, SERIFA also takes a freer and daring artistic path. Fundamental design principles, focused on functionality and customer-oriented solutions, continue to shape their practice. However, the studio ventures beyond these boundaries, seeking to embrace ambiguity and abstraction. This approach is echoed in the philosophy of Gerhard Richter, who values ​​mystery in art, stating: "I do not like images that I understand."

AI: A Major Artistic Shift

The integration of AI technology marks a significant evolution in SERIFA's artistic trajectory. This orientation towards innovation and unpredictability is in line with the disruptive techniques of artists such as Georg Baselitz, known for challenging traditional perspectives.

SERIFA embodies the interplay between design discipline and artistic freedom. It is a balance between practical solutions and the quest for the unexpected, where design principles coexist with liberated and constantly evolving artistic expression, powered by the transformative potential of AI.

In this universe where art meets design, SERIFA positions itself as a pioneer, redefining the contours of aesthetics in the digital age. Their journey illustrates the power of creative innovation, paving the way for new possibilities for expression at the intersection of humans and technology.

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