Thibaut Grevet: Visionary who redefined the art of photography

Thibaut Grevet : Visionnaire qui redéfini l'art de la photographie - HYTRAPE

Thibaut Grevet, a name that resonates powerfully in the world of filmmaking and photography. Originally from the picturesque city of Lyon, France, Thibaut has transformed his passion for graphic design and cycling into a thriving career in the creative industry.

His story begins with a VHS camera and a bicycle. As a child, Thibaut spent his free time filming his cycling adventures. In an era where filming on VHS is considered retro, for Thibaut it was the start of a journey that would lead him to work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

In 2016, Thibaut directed his first music video, "August in Paris" for Sage. This was the start of a series of collaborations with renowned brands such as Honda, Nike and Vans. He has also led photography and videography campaigns for brands like Carhartt, Rimowa and even worked on Virgil Abloh's "12" Voices" installation. He was recognized when he won the Young Director Award for his "August in Paris" music video for Sage. It was well-deserved recognition for an artist who knew how to capture the essence of adventure and transform it into visual works of art.

Thibaut has always had a deep love for outdoor adventure. Growing up in a small village near Lyon, surrounded by the natural beauty of the French countryside, he developed a passion for mountain biking. He began documenting his bike rides with his mother's VHS camera, capturing moments in his life that ultimately ignited his passion for filmmaking.

Over the years, Thibaut has refined his eye for artistic imagery and visual direction through his studies in graphic design. He developed an appreciation for editing and layout design, which eventually led him to directing commercial films.

Thibaut has worked with renowned brands such as Renault, VANS, Nike, WWF, among others. His work showcases his contemporary and beautiful artistic direction, his desire for striking images, and his love for portraiture of real people.

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