Victor Mosquera: the artist who explores the world of psychedelia

Victor Mosquera : l'artiste qui explore l'univers de la psychédélie - HYTRAPE

Victor Mosquera , an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, stands out for his talent and creativity. Evolving in the entertainment industry for over a decade, he introduces us to his universe through a unique style, influenced by psychedelia and the intersection between consciousness and the subliminal.

A rich and varied professional career

Collaborating with industry giants, Victor Mosquera is currently a concept artist at Ubisoft Toronto. He has contributed to numerous AAA video game projects, such as Watchdogs Legion, FarCry 5, and Starlink. But his talent doesn't stop there.

His artistic skills have also led him to work on major musical projects. In 2019, he collaborated with Willo Perron to create the visuals for Kid Cudi's performance at Coachella. He also worked closely with Grammy-nominated electronic duo Odesza on the identity of their Sundara festival, as well as numerous projects from their label and creative agency Foreign Family Collective.

International fame

Victor Mosquera has also collaborated with prestigious companies and publications such as The New York Times, Universal Music Group, Interscope Records, Scientific American, Passion Pictures, Tor Books, Heavy Metal magazine, G. Jones and Dirty Heads. His talent is therefore recognized in various artistic fields, allowing him to increase his notoriety on the international scene.

An artist exhibited

In addition to his work in the video game and music industries, Victor Mosquera is also present in the world of contemporary art. His works have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs. In summer 2019, he presented his first solo exhibition, "New Lands", in Los Angeles, testifying to the extent of his talent and creativity.

Victor Mosquera is a versatile and talented artist, who continues to push the boundaries of his art. By exploring the world of psychedelia and playing with the limits between the conscious and the subliminal, he invites us to dive into a fascinating world, where the rules of reality are reinvented. There is no doubt that this renowned artist will continue to surprise and delight us with his extraordinary creations.

Here are some works by Victor Mosquera: