10 errors to ban on your website in 2024

10 erreurs à bannir sur votre site internet en 2024 - HYTRAPE

Here are 10 errors frequently encountered when I carry out website audits:

1. Don't move the login page

By default, WordPress exposes the login page via well-known URLs like /wp-admin or /wp-login.php . This practice makes brute force attacks easier. Solution : Use security plugins to move this page to a less predictable URL, reducing unauthorized access attempts.

2. Confusion between articles and pages

A common mistake is to publish static content, such as "About" or "Contact", as articles rather than pages. Solution : Clearly distinguish articles (for the blog) from pages (for static content), in order to improve the structure and SEO of your site.

3. Low quality images

Pixelated or poor quality images harm the user experience and perception of your brand. Solution : Make sure you use high-quality images and optimize them for the web with tools like Imagify, without compromising their quality too much.

4. Lines of text too long

Lines spanning the entire width of the screen make reading tiring. Solution : Limit text width to around 600-800 pixels to improve readability.

5. Non-optimized SEO titles

Default SEO titles, like "Home | Site Name", are not optimized. Solution : Customize meta titles to reflect the content of each page, using relevant keywords to improve SEO.

6. Incorrect heading hierarchy

A poorly organized heading structure can confuse both users and search engines. Solution : Use a logical hierarchy (H1 for the main title, followed by H2, H3, etc. for subheadings) to structure your content.

7. Lack of consistency in design

Inconsistencies in button style, text size, or colors from one page to another detract from the user experience. Solution : Establish a style guide for your site and make sure every page follows it.

8. Low use of social proof

Social proof, like testimonials or partner logos, builds credibility. Solution : Integrate visible social proof elements to reassure your visitors.

9. Insufficient internal networking

Weak internal networking limits content discovery by users and search engines. Solution : Create relevant internal links between your pages to facilitate navigation and distribute “SEO juice”.

10. Blurred or missing calls to action (CTAs)

Clear CTAs guide visitors to the desired action. Solution : Make sure every page has a visible and explicit CTA, whether it's to subscribe to a newsletter, discover a service, or contact your business.

Bonus: Excessive indexing

Indexing pages without added value dilutes your presence on search engines. Solution : Use the settings of your SEO plugin to exclude from the sitemap pages, categories or tags that do not provide SEO value.

By avoiding these errors, you will significantly improve the quality of your website, both for users and for search engines. This will contribute to a better user experience, increased traffic, and ultimately, higher conversion.