15 Advanced SEO Tips Accessible to Beginners

15 Astuces SEO avancées accessibles aux débutants

SEO you know. It has become a crucial element in ensuring the visibility and success of a website. However, with search engine algorithms constantly evolving, it can be difficult to stay up to date.

Here are 15 SEO tips that are advanced, but simple enough that even beginners can implement them.

1. Use Chat GPT for Page Titles

Create captivating page titles with a high click-through rate (CTR) using Chat GPT. A well-designed title can greatly influence traffic to your site.

2. Link Every SEO Task to Revenue Generation

Only engage in an SEO task if it can be directly linked to generating revenue. This ensures that your work has a tangible impact on business goals.

3. Link Internally Naturally

Internal links should be as natural and relevant as possible, similar to external links, to reinforce the structure of your site.

4. Always think about the provision of information

Evaluate the content on your site by asking yourself if it is necessary. Use NLP tools like Text Razor to cut through the clutter.

5. Use Custom Images to Visualize Value

Tailored visuals can clarify and enrich your content, making it easier for the reader to understand.

6. Look for Inspiration Outside Your Industry

Explore other industries and fields for innovative ideas. Inspiration can come from unexpected sources.

7. Focus on Sales, Not Retention

Produce content that not only generates traffic but also leads and sales. Answer questions from potential buyers.

8. Use Multiple SEO Browser Extensions

Each expansion has its strengths. Combining multiple tools can cover a wide range of SEO needs.

9. Download the PAA Questions

Use Detailed's PAA download feature to get a comprehensive list of questions in your industry.

10. Build Your Online Presence

Beyond social media, establish yourself on platforms and publications read by your target audience. Also consider writing books, hosting podcasts, and creating newsletters.

11. Dare to Innovate

Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd with unique website design, original content types, and strong opinions.

12. Be the Source

Create original, quality content that inspires others to quote and talk about you. This could be data, stories, or comments.

13. Don’t Underestimate Your Abilities

Your professional title does not define your SEO skills. Passion and commitment can make up for lack of experience.

14. Learn to Write

Every SEO professional should practice writing about SEO. This sharpens understanding of words, essential in SEO.

15. Take the Advice of the “Gurus” with Caution

Many SEO "gurus" are good speakers but don't practice what they preach. The best advice often comes from those on the ground.

By applying these tips, even SEO beginners can significantly improve their site’s SEO. The important thing is to stay curious, experiment and continually learn.