The Future of SEO: Less Technical, More Brand-Oriented

L'avenir du SEO : Moins technique, plus orienté marque

The future of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) appears to mark a decisive shift towards a less technical and more strategic dimension, focused on brand value rather than traditional aspects such as technical SEO, content and backlinks. This shift could transform SEO agencies into real public relations agencies.

In the future, the majority of content will no longer be created for its own site, but will be published on third-party platforms. The goal will no longer be to accumulate links, but to gain brand mentions. Why this change? Because in an online environment where trust is low, one of the only ways to improve the quality of search results is to strengthen trust signals.

Brands, whether small or large, naturally have a wide range of trust signals that can be amplified through marketing. In the future, fifty backlinks might be worth less than a handful of links and mentions in contextually relevant content on trusted media sites.

This trend, already present, will only become more pronounced. With the development of AI, websites will also evolve. Many will be able to self-optimize and solve their own problems, build their own internal links, and optimize page titles without human intervention.

The need for content will decrease significantly as AI generative searches and AI assistants expand, allowing brands to create more content for individuals and less for search engines.

The future of SEO will therefore lie in increasing mental availability for search engines through AI, as well as increasing brand visibility through PR. The future of research is bright, albeit in a new and exciting way.