The Ultimate Framework for Generating Leads: Decrypting the CTPV Model

Le Framework Ultime pour Générer des Leads : Décryptage du Modèle CTPV

Today I'm introducing you to a proven framework used by agencies that has the potential to revolutionize your approach to client acquisition. Called CTPV, for Channel, Target, Value Proposition, this model is your ally to break into any acquisition channel in a few weeks, provided you scrupulously follow the steps described.

Understanding the CTPV Framework


The choice of channel is essential. Whether it is Facebook Ads, content creation, cold email, or leaflet distribution, each channel has its specificities and its target audience. The key is to select those that are most relevant to your offer and your audience.


Identifying the type of person you want to reach is a fundamental step. Whether they are artists, CMOs of SMEs, CEOs of companies with less than 10 people, or even people who are very active on Instagram, precisely defining your target is essential for the success of your strategy.

Value proposition

What will you bring to your target? Your value proposition must be clear, attractive and differentiating. It can take the form of a promise to increase performance, accelerate a process or facilitate a specific task.

Putting the Framework into Practice

  1. Creating a Tripartite Table

Start by creating a table with three columns: Channel, Target, Value Proposition (PV). Fill it out exhaustively to cover all possibilities.

  1. Establishing Hypotheses

Create links between columns to form your hypotheses. For example, if your target is CEOs of companies with less than 10 people, which value proposition via which channel could be most effective?

  1. Test Planning

Detail how you will test these hypotheses, in terms of content, budget, and timing.

  1. Prioritization and Testing

Prioritize each test based on its potential for impact and ease of implementation. Then launch the tests, allocating the necessary resources in time and money.

  1. Analysis and Industrialization

Take stock of each test. For those that turn out to be positive, consider industrializing them to maximize their impact.

Practical Case: The “My Name Is BOND” Agency

To illustrate the effectiveness of the CTPV framework, let's take the example of one of our agencies, "My Name Is BOND". After filling out the initial table and establishing hypotheses, we moved to the testing phase. Without revealing all our secrets, this approach allowed us to effectively target our audiences and test innovative value propositions, paving the way for successful acquisition campaigns.

The CTPV framework is a powerful tool for any agency or business looking to optimize their lead acquisition strategy. By methodically following each step, you significantly increase your chances of finding the winning combination that will propel your business. So, are you ready to test CTPV and transform your approach to customer acquisition this year?

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