Alex Masmej's inspiring journey: From token creator to Showtime & Drakula

Le parcours inspirant d'Alex Masmej : Du token créateur à Showtime & Drakula - HYTRAPE
Showtime, the ambitious vision of Alex Masmej and Alex Kilkka, is shaping up to be the essential social network for NFTs, a platform where creators and collectors can exhibit their digital art. Anchored in the dynamism of innovation, Showtime successfully raised an impressive $7.6 million funding round led by Paradigm, thereby realizing its mission to revolutionize the way digital art is shared and valued.

The Road to Showtime

Alex Masmej, before co-founding Showtime, navigated an exceptional journey, marked by his passion for blockchain technology and digital currencies. Originally from France, he first flirted with the idea of ​​moving to San Francisco to immerse himself in the venture capitalist-backed startup ecosystem. However, the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to crush his ambitions, until he made a name for himself in the crypto space by tokenizing himself and selling 10% of the $ALEX supply for $20,000 , in exchange for a part of its future income.

Alex's decision to turn to crypto was not insignificant. Seeking a technology with a low barrier to entry but high world-changing potential, he saw Ethereum as a unique platform for launching revolutionary startups with little initial capital. Its first foray into the Ethereum ecosystem was through MetaCartel DAO, followed by the launch of projects like Marketing DAO and Rocket, the latter offering pawning of NFTs.

The Birth of the $Alex Token and the Revenue Sharing Agreement

Inspired by pioneers in the personal token space, Alex launched $ALEX, becoming the first person to sell a personal Ethereum token to fund his American dream. This initiative not only financed his trip but also laid the foundation for his future business.

Alex's search for a co-founder led him to join On Deck, where he met Alex Kilkka. Together, they quickly developed a product and raised funds, riding the wave of popularity of NFTs.

With the ambition to transform the social media ecosystem, Showtime was designed as the social network for NFTs, allowing users to discover, share and value digital art in a completely new way. Alex and his team have opted for an approach centered on community and interactivity, far removed from traditional marketplace models.

The Financing Challenge

Showtime's fundraising journey hasn't been without obstacles. Despite initial challenges and rejections, Alex's persistence paid off, attracting the attention of high-profile investors and ultimately securing a $7 million funding round led by key industry players.

Alex Masmej and his co-founder are not resting on their laurels. They continue to innovate and expand their team to develop Showtime into a robust and essential platform in the world of NFTs. With the goal of achieving perfect product-market fit, Showtime is well on its way to redefining the social media landscape for digital art creators and collectors.