4 Fatal Mistakes with Pricing (2024)

4 Erreurs Fatales avec le Pricing (2024) - HYTRAPE

4 Fatal Mistakes with Pricing

If you bring a lot of leads to your SaaS, but they all get stuck at the pricing page, it's time to review your offer.

Before you think about a promo code to get around the problem, check if you're making one of these four fatal mistakes.

1/ You don't compare it with the market.

It's a classic mistake: setting a price without looking at what's happening around you. The market is the benchmark and gives an idea of ​​what customers are willing to pay. If your price is too high, your potential customers will look elsewhere. Conversely, if it is too low, they might doubt the quality of your service.

2/ You don't take your positioning into account.

The price you set must reflect your positioning. If you offer a high-end solution, your price must be up to par. Conversely, if you position yourself as an affordable option, your price must remain competitive. Make sure your positioning and price are in harmony.

3/ You leave your target no choice.

Offering flexible pricing options is essential. Whether with or without commitment, or on a monthly or annual basis, these choices allow your customers to select the option that suits them best, adapted to their budget and their needs.

4/ Your offer lacks clarity.

A vague offer or overly complex wording can sow confusion and stop the purchasing process in its tracks. Take the time to clarify and simplify the wording of your offers, and consider structuring them in a more intuitive way.

In summary

  • Compare your price with that of the market.
  • Make sure your price is consistent with your positioning.
  • Keep a broad and complete offer for your target.
  • Make your offers clear and simple.