SEO Optimization: Don’t Neglect Internal Networking!!

Optimisation du SEO : Ne Négligez pas le Maillage Interne !!

Hi ! Today, we are going to talk about a hot topic for all owners of e-commerce sites or marketplaces: internal networking and PageRank management. You know, that moment when you realize that despite having a huge domain authority and top-notch Trust Flow, your site is not performing as well as you would like on certain keywords? Well, we're going to unravel this together.

PageRank Distribution, What is the Deal?

Imagine, you are there, discussing with your client or your SEO team, and the debate revolves around backlinks. “We need more backlinks to better position our site,” they say. And then you wonder if the problem might not be elsewhere. Because, let's be honest, accumulating backlinks without an internal PageRank distribution strategy is like filling a leaky bucket.

Here's the lowdown: your site has pages like "We're recruiting", "Our teams", "Our clients", which, let's be frank, accumulate PageRank but don't convert this potential into commercial results. These pages have a zero score on business keywords. Ouch.

Audit of Your Internal Network: First Steps

Before spending a fortune on backlinks, why not take a moment to analyze how PageRank is distributed on your site? Here are some tools you can use to get started:

  • Google Search Console : Go to the 'Links' section and look at the 'Internal links per page'. This is a good start to see which pages are getting the most attention.
  • Screaming Frog : Uses crawl analysis to check 'Link Score'. This will give you an idea of ​​the link strength of each page.
  • Ahrefs : Check 'Internal Links' and 'Most linked pages' for an overview of your internal links.

Action ! Repair and Redistribute

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what's going on, it's time to take action. Start by fixing broken links and fixing 404 errors that could sabotage your efforts. Then, give a boost to the pages that really matter to your business. How ? By judiciously redistributing your “link juice”.

Optimize your Backlinks Budget

By having a clear strategy on PageRank distribution and optimized internal networking, each new backlink you add to your site will have a much more significant impact. You will be able to target more competitive keywords or promote new content effectively.

And you, how is it going?

So how do you distribute your PageRank? Have you already implemented an internal networking strategy, or is it time to review your copy? Share your experiences and questions in the comments. I love seeing how each site adapts these strategies to their own style!

Don't forget, in SEO as in cooking, it's often the internal seasoning that makes all the difference. At your bonds, set, go!