Optimize your e-commerce category pages: A complete SEO guide

Optimisez les pages de catégorie de votre e-commerce : Un guide complet SEO
This is the story of one of our clients who, after working with many SEO agencies without success, turned to us with a messy site. Today, they are enjoying a 43% year-over-year increase in traffic with purchase intent. How did we accomplish this? Through a combination of Digital PR and SEO. Here is our method in detail.

Step 1: Earn Links to Category Pages

Inbound links are essential for improving category page rankings. We have worked extensively to get quality backlinks to these specific pages. This not only increased their authority but also improved their visibility in search engines.

Step 2: Use entity lifting

Entity lifting is a Digital PR (DPR) technique that maximizes rankings by increasing the recognition of entities associated with your site. To simplify, this means that we have highlighted the entities (brands, products, concepts) linked to our client in a strategic way to improve their relevance and positioning.

Step 3: On-page optimizations

We have made crucial changes to the pages themselves:

  • Page Titles : These have been revised to include relevant keywords and grab users' attention.
  • Added Content : Detailed and engaging descriptions have been added to meet visitor and search engine expectations.

Step 4: Building Internal Links

Creating internal links between different pages on your site helps redistribute authority and makes navigation easier for users and search engine crawlers. We have built a strong network of internal links to strengthen the structure of our client site.

Step 5: Creating Content for Buyers

We've developed content that answers buyers' frequently asked questions, guiding them through their buying journey. This content not only improves the user experience but also reinforces the credibility and expertise of the site.

What we didn't do

It is crucial to note that our approach did not include:

  • A 100-point checklist for conversion rate optimization (CRO) .
  • Writing 100 pages of new content .
  • Optimizing for Google's Latest Weird Patent .

All adjustments made were based on in-depth knowledge of what works in SEO. This expertise is what our clients look for when working with JBH. My expertise in SEO, combined with a team of experts in Digital PR, is the key to our success.

It’s time to move to growth-oriented SEO. Growth SEO focuses on real results for your business, not vanity metrics. If this interests you, contact us to bring your site to its full potential.