Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Bad Boys : Ride or Die

Will Smith And Martin Lawrence , the legendaries Bad Boys are back! The official trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die has just been revealed, and it promises a dose of explosive action.

The saga began in 1995 with the first film Bad Boys , following the thrilling adventures of Miami-Dade detectives, Mike Lowrey (performed by Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (played by Martin Lawrence). The first two parts were released in 1995 And 2003 . However, we had to wait 2020 so that the third opus, Bad Boys for Life , became a sensation at the worldwide box office, raking in $426.5 million of recipes.

In this new opus, the franchise has a captivating plot in store for us. Lowrey And Burnett join forces to clear the captain's honor Conrad Howard , wrongly accused of complicity with a drug cartel. In the manner of Bad Boys , the trailer offers us a cascade of adrenaline: shootouts, high-speed chases, explosions and bursts of laughter, all in the service of justice.

Discover this new trailer in preview. Bad Boys: Ride or Die will arrive in cinemas on Friday June 7 .

 Written by Yeazzy.