Black Miror

Black Miror season 7 for 2025??

La saison 7 de Black Miror pour 2025 ?? - HYTRAPE

When Netflix lifted the veil on the next season of “Black Mirror” scheduled for 2025 -> Fans’ hearts raced!

This series, which makes us think with its poignant stories about our ultra-connected world, promises us six new episodes . And hold on tight... One of them is going to take up the story of "USS Callister"!

To remember “USS Callister” is to remember Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly.

This crazy programmer but a little removed from the world, who plunged us into intense reflection on power, solitude and virtual universes. That Netflix chooses to continue this story is as if the series is telling us that it has not finished making us think about what it really means to live in the digital age, and about the ethical boundaries we cross sometimes without even realizing it.

With Charlie Brooker, Jessica Rhoades and Annabel Jones at the helm, this season promises to be full of moral dilemmas and introspections. Even if we don't yet know everything about the other episodes, the announcement has already given rise to a whole world of speculation and expectations.

“Black Mirror” has this unique way of holding a mirror up to us: Of showing us our most intimate fears in the face of technological advancement and its consequences. Each episode is a story that could be ours and which leads us to question our own reality.

As we wait for more info and the full list of episodes and their cast, we can only imagine the surprises this new season has in store for us.

One thing is certain: “Black Mirror” remains this essential series for all those who wonder about the technological world that surrounds us, and what it does to us.