5 stylists who dress French rap figures

5 stylistes qui habillent les figures du rap français - HYTRAPE

1.Yasmine Bensseraj - @ysmbsj

Freelance stylist based in Paris and graduate of a master's degree in luxury management at ESG, it is with her that many French rappers surround themselves today such as Benjamin Epps , Landy, Chily, Rsko, etc... Lately, she has, among other things, provided the styling for MV and Krisy on the “Mode Avion” clip, for Naps and Ninho for the “C'est Carrée le S” clip, and for Niro and ElGrandeToto on the clip “Who knows?” ". Franglish and Doria also regularly call on her to dress them for events, concerts or music videos. The looks she puts together result in an effective streetwear style, designs with interesting patterns, very modern oversized cuts, monochrome sets, in addition to detailed accessorization that is always just right.

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2.Edem Dossou - @edemdl

Known in particular for his long-standing collaboration with the artist Shay, he featured her on his clips “DA”, “Jolie”, “Notif”, “Liquid” and the latest “Jolie go”. The rapper's photographs for the magazines 032c, Numéro, and her looks from season 1 of Nouvelle école are also signed “styled by edemdl”. Furthermore, although he was asked for the “Control” video by Lala &ce, this freelance Parisian stylist does not limit his activity to rap. He works with multiple magazines and brands including GQ, Vogue Italia, High Snobiety, Dust Magazine, Chrome Hearts, Burberry, Zalando, Puma, etc... Graduated with a DSAA, fashion and environment at the Duperré school, he owns an incomparable and very recognizable DNA. The power of the outfits he creates lies mainly in the fact that he knows how to perfectly highlight both the model he dresses and the clothing he is wearing. Striking colors, mastered mixes of patterns and materials, jewelry, cutouts and unique details galore, this is what its services promise.

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3.Schahrazade - @selfina 33

The dancers of Aya Nakamura in her video “Baby”, Hamza in her video “Introduction” and even J9ueve in that of “Diamant”, all have one thing in common: they are covered in the Selfina 33 style. Kalash, Damso, Koba laD, SDM, Hornet La Frappe, Jazzy Bazz, this one knows French rap by heart. She then knows perfectly how to respond to the requests of the artists and magazines with whom she works. This is particularly the case with Chilla, whom she dresses in sharp, feminine, structured outfits, sometimes with a slight extravagance, sometimes more classic, but always with taste.

4. @jadeuxdeux

Working mainly with rappers, his collaborations include Fally Ipupa, Take a Mic, Dadju, Ninho, Gianni Coffey, Tiakola, Ya Levis and Vegedream. He also closely follows MadeInParis in its real or virtual public appearances, offering striking silhouettes composed of pieces often in fur associated with ensembles or street tracksuits accompanied by jewelry.

5.Victoria Sylvester

This stylist and image consultant who also works freelance has a master's degree in digital communication from EJCAM and has two certificates in fashion styling and personal shopper from the CFG. Although she works with many people, she especially does the styling for the rapper Zola. We know him with a very American style, rather flashy, innovative pieces in their materials, outfits mixing patterns without fault in taste, and extravagant accessories, sometimes quirky and colorful. Recently, Victoria Sylvester dressed the Ledos duo in their “Chaud” music video produced in Nouvelle École and that of Araujo in her “Laisse” music video.

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