5 fashion trends for summer 2023 that will make us reveal our bodies

5 tendances mode de l’été 2023 qui nous font dévoiler nos corps - HYTRAPE

Summer 2023 will rhyme with naked bodies. Indeed, between global ideological clashes, economic crises and environmental, societal and digital issues at the center of the problems, our need for freedom, exuberance, expression and spontaneity has never been greater. Fashion becomes a remedy for daily violence. So we adopt new silhouettes. We break the codes. Assertive, proud, uninhibited, sexy is the person we want to be. Bold, elegant, suggestive is the style we want to wear. The expression “bared” has never been more true.

1. Transparency

Transparency is the celebration of freedom in its purest form. Day, evening, the moment has no importance to appear dressed in a top in fine fabric revealing our nipples or, even more, in a dress, a skirt, a jumpsuit or pants revealing with authenticity our skin. Our body is thus made either totally accessible, or partially by playing with the superposition on the underwear. It is sensually enhanced by tulle, muslin or organdy. Nothing is an obstacle, neither gender nor the taboo of nudity.

The brands Ludovic de Saint Sernin and Nensi Dojaka, for whom transparency is an integral part of the creative process, are at their peak.

If the trend brings a new lease of life to fashion, we remember Kate Moss's iconic "Naked dress" in 1993 or Cher's at the Met Gala in 1974.

2. The “Cut out”

More subtle. The cutouts come in different shapes. The clothes are torn, sometimes almost in tatters, sometimes knotted. We even try asymmetry and destructuring in certain cases. Here again, all the pieces of our dressing room are impacted by this seductive destruction.

Wild, classic, romantic? We see without seeing too much and we therefore let others guess our curves as well as our personality.

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3. The “No pants”

As its name suggests, it is the absence of shorts, skirts, pants or any bottoms. Instead, panties or boxers combined or not with a pair of tights.

Freedom is therefore at its peak here, we are free to wear absolutely no bottom piece and instead lightly reveal the entirety of our legs. All this without any vulgarity.

Kendall Jenner, as a true trendsetter, was one of the first to dare to wear it in a Bottega Veneta look.

4. Exposed underwear

Underlying fashion of the previous one, we proudly expose the usually hidden underwear. Sometimes, so much so, that we wear them over outfits.

Above: bra, glittery, patterned or simple bralettes. Bottom: thong or boxer briefs sticking out from low-waisted pants or skirts.

5. Trompe-l’oeil prints

Here nudity is approached in a different but equally effective way. Through ever tighter clothing, it is not our body that we see directly. It's all a deception.

Much more carnal than the optical illusion trend inspired by the 1960s works of the artist Vasarely, the silhouette is truly fantasy.

Written by @jade_moniz.