Arkanum unveils its first “OUTLAW” collection

Arkanum dévoile sa première collection "OUTLAW" - HYTRAPE

Today we present to you a brand that not only follows trends, but creates them. This is Arkanum , a brand that defines itself as a real movement. Founded by Eliott Mougel in association with Bastien Vadeboin , Arkanum invites us to "Rise Up", to rise above established standards. Intrigued? You should be. Here's why.

More than a brand, a movement

It’s a rallying cry for those seeking to assert their identity in a world where it is often diluted. The goal ? Inspire you to think outside the box, challenge convention and create your own style. In other words, Arkanum pushes you to be an "Outlaw" in the world of streetwear.

“Rise Up” and “The Vision”

The collection highlights two key objectives: “Rise Up” and “The Vision”. The first is a call for innovation and originality. The second is an invitation to create a unique aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of urban culture. These two objectives complement each other perfectly, forming a synergy that makes Arkanum more than a brand, but a movement.

The “Outlaw” Message

But why the term “Outlaw”? Because Arkanum values ​​those who refuse to conform to established standards. To be an Outlaw in this industry is an honor. It's about rising above the gaze of others to question certainties and challenge the conventions of streetwear. The message is clear: your world must intrigue and attract the attention of those in the know.

The Key Pieces

Among the pieces that embody this philosophy are the “Arcane” T-shirt and the “Arbor” Long Sleeve Tee. These clothes are designed to be more than just fashion items; they are declarations of stylistic independence.

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