Asics and Foot Locker unveil their most beautiful campaign

Asics et Foot Locker dévoilent leur plus belle campagne - HYTRAPE
After weeks of hard work, Asics and Foot Locker have unveiled their latest campaign, a true ode to creativity and endurance. This campaign, which takes place between nature and the city, illustrates the daily quest for creativity of Ruben and his team through an intense ride lasting several days.

A homemade campaign

From design to production to styling, everything was done in-house for this campaign. Even the elements in the store were made by hand in the team's studio. It is the result of weeks of hard work, an achievement of which the whole team is particularly proud.

The campaign features a team of creatives, including Ruben Mokoveli and Isaac Desanka, in an adventure that combines endurance and creativity. The concept is simple: illustrate their daily search for creativity through a ride lasting several days, a journey that takes them from nature to the city.

A tribute to creativity and endurance

This campaign is a tribute to creativity and endurance, two values ​​dear to Asics and Foot Locker. It highlights the team's ability to push its limits, both physically and creatively.

The campaign's final video, in particular, is a true editing masterpiece. Even if the music was chosen with humor, as the team specifies, it should not distract attention from the quality of the editing and the message of the campaign.

A team of talents

This campaign is the result of the work of a talented team, including Mickael Azules, Miras Eye, Los Bledos, Juliette CMS, Yann Dine, Akiim Zou, Janis Design, Nolan Blettner and Guapo du Soleil. Everyone brought their own unique touch to the campaign, helping to make it an achievement they can all be proud of.