BAD SON: A rising fashion star

BAD SON : Une étoile montante de la mode - HYTRAPE

BAD SON is a Utah-based fashion brand founded in 2020 by Hieu Tran and Conner Lobato. The brand has built a solid reputation for its unique and colorful interpretations of essential wardrobe pieces. In just three years, BAD SON has managed to carve out a prominent place for itself in the world of fashion, thanks to its audacity and sense of innovation.

The brand has stood out through its reinterpretations of classic wardrobe pieces. Down jackets, hoodies and cargo pants are revisited with a touch of color and originality that are the signature of BAD SON. The brand's creations are both bold and comfortable, combining style and functionality.

Their latest collection “VESSEL” from BAD SON, launched in March 2023, is a perfect example of the innovative spirit of the brand. Made up of five pieces, this collection reinvents the work jacket with a cropped cut, wide sleeves and graffiti-style details. The black puffer jacket, with its star details that radiate from the center of its chest, is another key piece from the collection.

Cargo pants from the “VESSEL” collection are also unique, featuring a chain fence print and floral embellishments. The colorful hoodie, which gives the impression of being seen through 3D glasses, and the basic t-shirt, which follows the same principles as the hoodie, complete this bold collection.

“We strive to create pieces that are both fashionable and timeless, and we think we’ve found that balance with this collection,” says Tran. The work jacket, for example, is a reinterpretation of the classic Carhartt Detroit jacket, an iconic piece of the men's wardrobe.

In 2023, BAD SON focuses on product quality and content expansion. “We are very focused on the quality of our products and the expansion of our content,” adds Lobato. This desire to offer quality products is reflected in each piece of the “VESSEL” collection.
BAD SON's "VESSEL" collection is now available on the brand's online store. With affordable prices and impeccable quality, BAD SON is a brand to follow for all fashion lovers.