Corteiz x Nike: the perfect alliance between streetwear and sportswear

Corteiz x Nike : l'alliance parfaite entre streetwear et sportswear - HYTRAPE

The collaboration between Corteiz and Nike is finally official!

The London-based streetwear brand and sportswear giant have teamed up to create a collection that promises to be incredible.

If you were on Oxford Street last night, you may have spotted Corteiz's Alcatraz logo taking over the Niketown storefront. It was a hint that something big was brewing between the two brands, and as you might expect, it was indeed a collaboration. Corteiz, who is known for his guerrilla marketing tactics and engaging his fans, will offer styles that range from tracksuits to t-shirts to accessories.

All at affordable prices. The brand has already caught the attention of celebrities like Drake, who was seen wearing a recently launched "DA SKYDIVE" jacket on social media.

This collaboration with Nike is the most significant for Corteiz since its inception in 2017, and is a major milestone for the brand which has previously worked with Soho Yacht Club, Motherlan and UK rap stars Central Cee and Meekz. Unfortunately, Nike has yet to reveal any details about this collaboration, but we can expect it to live up to the brand's previous collaborations, from the likes of Stüssy and Jacquemus.

All we have to do now is wait and see what these two fashion giants have in store for us. We look forward !