Forever Vacation: Interview with Flub

Forever Vacation : Entretien avec Flub - HYTRAPE

Founded in 2017, Forever Vacation quickly gained popularity thanks to the creativity of Flub who has a unique vision of fashion.

Forever Vacation is inspired by the culture of surpassing oneself and the quest for personal development. The brand focuses on the quality of its products, using screen printing techniques to print its clothing. This technique requires know-how that Forever Vacation has acquired over time, and which allows the brand to control the making of its products by intervening itself in the production cycle.

We had the opportunity to chat with Flub to learn more about his background, influences and aspirations on developing his brand.

Can you talk about your personal and professional journey that led you to the creation of Forever Vacation?

It's quite special, I stopped everything after my baccalaureate (which I got), I threw myself fully into the "internet", I wanted to test a bit of everything that I thought possible including the "Forever Vacation" project. ".

I wasn't sure where I was heading, but I spent so much time on the Internet that I totally understood that it was possible to make a living from it and do cool things with it.

Can you say more about your creative process for designing the clothing collections?

I don't come from fashion at all, it didn't even particularly interest me a few years ago. I really see “Forever Vacation” as a project that allows me to provide experiences to people who want them, I always thought of that before imagining my clothes.

I have a slightly crazy idea, a concept, how I can bring it to life with Forever Vacation, that's how our creations and projects often come about.
I also honestly think that this is what makes Forever Vacation so interesting and unique to me, I often say that Forever Vacation is an excuse for me to create lots of projects/bring my ideas to life.

There is also a phrase that I often repeat to myself, "there are no rules", when we talk about the idea of ​​an "independent brand", for me, this is above all our strong point, we can literally do what we want.

What is your biggest challenge as the founder of Forever Vacation and how have you or will you overcome it?

I'm 22 years old today, the biggest challenge I have on a daily basis is moving forward, but without knowing if I'm going in the right direction or not.

It's stupid and it can seem very abstract, but managing a company, a team, money is not necessarily easy.
I have not been trained in this, I learn on the job and when I make a decision, no one is really there to tell me if it is a good one or not, I learn that with the result of my actions.

What are your influences and inspirations?

I'm going to say the most lame thing possible but my life inspires me, each project is inspired by what I experience and what I want to make people experience.
Since my life revolves a lot around the Internet, there is a lot of influence from people present on the Internet.
Whether Content Creators / Artists / Technologies / Business.

Overall, the Internet, and everything it has changed around us, is quite fascinating and we are discovering new ways to bring things to life for the people around us.

How do you involve the community in the Forever Vacation brand?

Quite a particular question, I find that we don't do it enough at the moment. The community is always invited to participate in our experiments, whether for example Balcokulus who ended up working with us on a capsule or our projects like the CAPTURE PROJECT, the TIME CAPSULE, our physical event.

There are so many talented people in the creative field, I would really like to expand on the idea of ​​FV becoming a platform for them in 2023, to help each of its creators evolve/advance.

Whether with the YouTube videos on the "Flub" channel, the "Life as an experience" podcasts, our closed discord, or the Forever Vacation projects/experiences, I rely a lot on the interactive side of our project, we build together , if I learn something, I share it.
The idea is to move our community forward, it will open many more doors than playing the closed/mysterious side.

Forever Vacation is also committed to sustainable development, using ecological materials and making its prints in France.

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