Homaaard: The vintage shop that eats the rich

Homaaard : Le shop vintage qui eat the rich - HYTRAPE

Homaaard is above all a family story which began in the 2000s. If Aymerick and Arnaud officially embarked on this daring adventure in the midst of the Covid crisis, at the end of 2020, the two eldest of a family of three boys cultivated this taste and love for clothing much earlier. A passion inherited from their parents, true fashion aficionados, who took pleasure in dressing up their children. But despite the significant impact of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, the boys quickly found ingenious solutions to keep this same flow, but this time, at a lower cost. One started selling his clothes at college, while the other cleverly shopped for designer pieces at very attractive prices.

A few years later, Aymerick had the brilliant idea of ​​using Arnaud's know-how and allowing people to benefit from antique pieces at an affordable cost. The machine was in motion and the project evolved into Homaaard . An ingenious association between this high-end crustacean which has the particularity of never aging, wonderfully reflecting the cyclical nature of fashion in perpetual renewal, as well as the three A's symbolizing the first names of the three brothers - including Amaury, still in high school. The only lobster, undoubtedly, which goes hand in hand with the baseline Eat the rich - mange les riches, a revolutionary mantra initiated in part by Bourdieu in France in the 1960s.

1 acquisition cost + 1 scratch + taxes

Allow us to explain the concept to you in more detail. In addition to offering us a selection of quality items, Homaaard also offers transparency on prices. Roberto Cavalli, Dolce&Gabbana, Lanvin and Schott, the objective is to challenge what is done in current fashion and to offer second-hand pieces at the fairest price, that is what sets them apart. The wardrobe, sourced from the four corners of the world and always with care, corresponds to their tastes, rather than a fleeting trend. In addition, the founders adopt a minimalist approach, where the logos are discreet, leaving room for the story and the attachment they have to the clothes. This vision also extends to timelessness, making these pieces wardrobe staples, destined to still be worn ten years from now.

But Homaaard is not just sales, it is also ultra-warm pop-ups, aimed at creating connections between those present - how to combine business with pleasure!

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And for latecomers and smaller budgets, Aymerick and Arnaud have thought of everything. Reach the Homaaard, these are more accessible pieces (from 1 to 50€), as well as certain unsold items available at the purchase price.

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Written by Camille Noel Djaleb