The new AMOSES collection: ENIGMA

La nouvelle collection de AMOSES : ENIGMA - HYTRAPE

As its name suggests, this clothing series is an enigma, an invitation to discover what, usually hidden, fully deserves the spotlight. In this collection, we witnessed an alchemy of materials and a technicality that piqued our curiosity.

The AMOSES “Fluffy Set”, with its two synthetic mohair knits, is a call for softness. These knits are the result of dedicated know-how. The Quartz Fluff Knit and the Ice Fluff Knit, at €89.90, delivery included! They are so soft and comfortable to wear.

As for the “Raven” hoodie, at the same price, it is a manifesto of functional elegance. This 15-panel sweater is a feat of design and comfort, with its kangaroo pocket and generous hood. The choice of monochrome is not trivial: it gives the piece a rare versatility, capable of adapting to all styles.

A Thoughtful Artistic Direction

The photographic campaign, orchestrated in Belgium, reflects the artistic ambition of the brand. The choice of a vintage atmosphere, with classic vehicles like the 1973 Porsche 911 Targa, serves as a showcase for the collection, reinforcing the message that even what is usually hidden deserves a place in the spotlight.

Release date

AMOSES has implemented a careful communications strategy, with specific release dates for each piece in the collection, thus ensuring maximum impact at launch.

The black hoodie is already presented to the public, while the knitted ones will gradually appear in November. The full collection reveal is scheduled for November 10!

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