Louis Vuitton gives digital luxury a boost with its first digital trunk

Louis Vuitton donne un coup de pouce au luxe numérique avec sa première malle digitale - HYTRAPE

Luxury house Louis Vuitton is taking its trunk-making tradition to a new level by introducing its very first digital trunk. This limited collection initiative sits at the intersection of digital and physical objects.

Louis Vuitton and the transition to digital luxury

By launching “Louis: The Game” for its anniversary in the summer of 2021, Louis Vuitton made its debut in the world of NFTs in a free form. The initiative was described as having “educational, almost pedagogical aims” by Michael Burke, then CEO of the luxury house, in an interview with the Financial Times.

Almost two years later, the tone has changed significantly, with Louis Vuitton moving towards digital ultra-luxury with the launch of VIA, its new “digital collectibles” project.

VIA Trunk Treasure: The new adventure of Louis Vuitton

This new adventure begins with the VIA Treasure Trunk, offered in a physical version and complemented by its digital counterpart. This creation, produced in a few hundred copies, will be awarded by drawing lots to a selection of collectors and enthusiasts registered on a waiting list which will be opened on June 8 on the brand's website. The entry price is set at 39,000 euros.

The VIA Treasure Trunk and its exclusive keys

The VIA Treasure Trunk, designed as a gateway (hence its name "via"), will offer its holders access to a series of "new limited edition products and experiences", according to the luxury house. However, to access it, you will need to have digital keys which will be launched on the market at regular intervals, like drops.

The first key, which will be revealed in a few weeks, will give access to an exclusive Louis Vuitton item available in both physical and digital versions. Depending on the keys, which will be strictly reserved for holders of a VIA Treasure Trunk, certain pieces may be personalized.

If the different articles associated with the keys will not be revealed before their launch, members of the project will be able to have access to certain clues. These collectible items can be put back on the market, particularly on specialized NFT marketplaces, although the trunks cannot be transferred.

For now, the launch of VIA Malle Trésor, which accepts payment in crypto, is limited to France, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Written by Yeazzy.