The Unique Universe of HOUSE OF ERRORS: Redefining 21st Century Fashion

L'Univers Unique de HOUSE OF ERRORS : Redéfinir la Mode du 21ème Siècle - HYTRAPE

Founded by the creator known as "Fully", HOUSE OF ERRORS is a brand that refuses to be categorized. Fully insists his brand is not streetwear, a claim that might surprise some given the obvious streetwear influence in his designs. However, by refusing to conform to a category, Fully has created a creative universe that is entirely his own.

Fully's inspiration for his designs comes from various fields, from architecture to graphic design. He creates at a breakneck pace, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion. The brand's "eye" logo has become its trademark, recognizable among fashion crowds young and old. His 400,000-stitch casualwear often showcases Fully's old-school inspirations, elevating his design language through HOUSE OF ERRORS' recent summer collection.

The collection saw HOUSE OF ERRORS' voluminous designs transformed into gigantic padded pants, ornate graphic vests and vision-filled ties, turning the page towards formality. The brand's hoodies and sweatpants continued to stand out, featuring flared and pleated outlines that nod to 1970s style.

But what really sets HOUSE OF ERRORS apart is Fully's approach to creation. He doesn't just follow trends, but rather seeks to create something completely unique. He's not afraid to make mistakes, hence the brand name. In fact, he embraces these mistakes, using them as opportunities to learn and grow.

Speaking of growth, the future looks bright for HOUSE OF ERRORS. Fully has big plans for the brand, including expanding its product offerings and exploring new creative areas. He recently collaborated with ALIVEFORM for its first shoe release, and plans to design more shoes in the future.

But beyond the products, Fully sees HOUSE OF ERRORS as more than just a fashion brand. For him, it’s a platform to express his creativity and push the boundaries of what’s possible. It's a space where he can be free to experiment, make mistakes and create something truly unique.