Moncler Group records a 27% increase in turnover in 2022

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Moncler Group, the renowned Italian fashion brand, closed 2022 with a 27% increase in revenue, reaching an impressive $2.75 billion USD. This record growth was driven by the success of Moncler and its subsidiary Stone Island, thanks to an increase in sales in all regions of the world.

This success is not surprising for those who know the history of Moncler, which has undergone remarkable evolution since its creation in 1952. Originally specializing in the production of mountain clothing, the brand has evolved with trends and eras to become a high-end fashion icon.

Over the years, Moncler has leveraged its unique heritage by creating innovative products while maintaining its superior quality. In 2003, the brand launched its ready-to-wear line, which was a resounding success thanks to its elegant and modern designs. In 2010, Moncler launched its Genius line, a collaboration platform with renowned designers, which resulted in innovative and creative collections.

The year 2022 was also marked by the 70th anniversary of Moncler and the 40th anniversary of its subsidiary Stone Island. The latter saw a record 48% growth in sales, largely due to its direct-to-consumer strategy. Stone Island also saw a 101% increase in sales in Asia, reflecting the brand's growing popularity in this region.

Moncler's success is also due to its ability to adapt to changes in the global market. Moncler sales increased 14% in Asia, 29% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 16% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Stone Island.

In conclusion, Moncler Group's success in 2022 is the result of a long history of success and innovation in the high-end fashion industry. With a strategy focused on quality, creativity and adaptation to trends, Moncler is a brand that continues to stand out in an ever-changing global market.