OUEST Paris: When the end of the evening looks like a new collection

OUEST Paris : Quand la fin de soirée a des allures de nouvelle collection

For his first presentation included in the official Fashion Week calendar, Arthur Robert decided to mark the occasion. At 9:30 a.m., behind a car garage, in an abandoned supermarket, the founder of the urban label invites us to a very eventful end of the evening, punctuated by the mixes of DJ Artocore.

“It all started a few months ago, a club outing. Rediscover the feeling of coming home after a long night of dancing. Walking the streets of Paris, the cold morning light. A light fog, and put your coat back on the outfit from the day before.”

As an extension of the previous season, OUEST Paris once again proves its benchmark status for “for work and play” .

The pieces - a bit more elegant and still just as sexy, are designed to be equally suitable for day and evening. Recycled denim, brushed wool jackets, moleskin, the famous tailored skirt and regenerated leather pants combine with the satin camisole and ruffled blouses in light cotton.

But the finalist for the ANDAM prize does not forget his inspirations drawn from the source, present throughout the entire collection: the surf and skate wardrobe, denim and the highlighting of his native South-West .

And surprise! Ouest Paris has teamed up with designer Clémence Cahu for its very first collaboration. A revival of the signature model - the Practical - in ultra-quality PVC with luxury details, this time available in new formats: XXS to be worn as a fanny pack or as a crossbody and in XXL, ideal for going on a weekend .

© WEST Paris

Written by Camille Noel Djaleb ( cosycam )

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